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Motor Psycho (1990)(Atari)(NTSC)

Published 1990

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MotorPsycho is similar in feel to Pole Position, but with motorcycles substituting the cars. The object is to complete each race within the alloted time while dodging other motorcycles. Ramps strewn throughout the track allow the motorcycle to jump over obstacles and the other motorcyclists. You can shift between high and low gears, but there are no brakes. A player can customize their motorcycle by adjusting the "straighten" and "turn" response times before the race.

Identifier Motor_Psycho_1990_Atari_NTSC
Date 1990
Mediatype software
Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.4.8
Year 1990
Publicdate 2013-12-09 23:34:55
Addeddate 2013-12-09 23:34:55
Noarchivetorrent true
Publisher Atari
Video_standard NTSC
Platform Atari 7800


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